Frequently Asked Questions

Do I own my villa and the land?

Yes, you own your villa outright, including the land; unlike leasehold where you have absolutely no chance of a capital gain when you leave.

I have found the villa I want, but I can’t afford to buy without selling my house, how can I secure the villa I want whilst selling my house?

No problem, we will enter a sales contract with you for the villa of your choice, subject to the sale of your house (for a limited time). If you do not sell your house your deposit of $1000 is refunded in full.

How much is the Owners’ Corporation fee?

The Owners’ Corporation fees are approximately $60 per week. This fee also covers the building insurance for your villa.

Do I have to sell through the Management and can Management tell me to totally renovate prior to selling as they do with leaseholds?

No, you have the right to sell your villa at any time and you can sell it without renovating.

When I sell, is there an exit fee, and why do I have to pay it?

Yes, but is actually called a ‘Deferred Management Fee’ (DMF). The reason for this fee is that most people could not afford to pay for the management services supplied on a week to week basis. This fee is paid when you sell the villa and is based on the sales price of your villa. These fees are to cover the cost of the administration, wages and costs associated with the overall management of the village, emergency call system etc.

Most villages have Deferred Management Fees of 30-32%, are your fees the same?

No, most definitely not.

For example, if you sell your villa in the;

First year (3% of your sales price)

Second year (6% of your sales price)

Third year (9% of your sales price)

Fourth year (12% of your sales price)

Fifth year (20% of your sales price. it is then capped)

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